トラベル英会話 (1)

トラベル英会話:国際空港に到着01: Arriving at an international airport

Officer: May I see your passport and your arrival record, please?
Yuriko: Sure. Here they are.
Officer: What is the purpose of your visit?
Yuriko: Learning English and sightseeing.
Officer: Which school will you be attending?
Yuriko: International School of Languages.
Officer: For how long?
Yuriko: Six months.
Officer: Where will you be staying?
Yuriko: I’ll be staying at a hotel for one week, and then I will move to my host family in Auckland.
Officer: May I see your host family’s address and phone number?
Yuriko: Here you are.
Officer: That’s fine, thank you. Enjoy your stay in New Zealand!
Yuriko: Thank You.

Useful Words & Useful Sentences

: My purpose is to visit historical sites.
: My purpose is to experience a new culture.

: May I borrow your magazine for a a few minutes?
: May I help you with your suitcase?

トラベル英会話:空港の税関職員と話す02: At Customs

Officer: Good afternoon. Could you please put your suitcase here?
Yuriko: Sure.
Officer: Do you have anything to declare?
Yuriko: I have three bottles of perfume and four boxes of chocolate.
Office: What do you have in your shoulder bag?
Yuriko: My cell phone, passport, makeup products, and some money.
Officer: Please open it.
Yuriko: Okay.
Officer: That’s fine. Enjoy your stay!
Yuriko: Thank you.

Useful Words & Useful Sentences

Baggage claim area
: Could you tell me where the baggage claim area is?
: May carry your baggage?

トラベル英会話両替03: Exchanging Money

Clerk: Good afternoon. May I help you?
Yuriko: I would like to exchange some money?
Clerk: Sure. How much would you like to exchange?
Yuriko: I’d like to exchange 30,000 yen for American dollars, please.
Clerk: No problem.
Yuriko: What is the exchange rate for the Japanese Yen?
Clerk: It’s 105 yen for one US dollar.
Yuriko: That’s okay. Here you are.
Clerk: That comes to $285. Here you are.
Yuriko: Thank you.
Clerk: You are welcome.

Useful Words & Useful Sentences

: We exchanged presents on Christmas day.
: Where can I exchange my dollars for yen?

come to
: That comes to 122 dollars, including tax.
: The restaurant bills came to 50 dollars.

トラベル英会話:ホテルでにチェックイン04: Checking in at a hotel

Clerk: Good morning. May I help you?
Yuriko: I have made a room reservation for six nights.
Clerk: May I have your name, please?
Yuriko: Yes, it’s Watanabe.
Clerk: How do you spell your family name?
Yuriko: W-A-T-A-N-A-B-E.
Clerk: May I see your passport, please?
Yuriko: Certainly. Here it is.
Clerk: Just a moment, please. We have reserved a single room for you for six nights.
Yuriko: That’s great.
Clerk: Here is your room key. Your room number is 52 on the fifth floor.
Yuriko: Great. Thank you.
Clerk: You are welcome. If you need anything, feel free to dial 11 for reception. We hope you enjoy your stay in New Zealand.
Yuriko: Thank you.

Useful Words & Useful Sentences


: You need to make the room reservation one week in advance.
: We will confirm your reservation by email.

fill in / fill out
: Please fill in / fill out your name, address, and passport number on this form.
: You need to fill out / fill in your arrival card.

トラベル英会話:レストラン05: At a restaurant

Waiter: Good evening. May I help you?
Yuriko: I have a reservation for two people for 7:00.
Waiter: May I have your name, please?
Yuriko: Watanabe.
Waiter: Ah, yes, here it is. Where would you like to sit?
Yuriko: We would like to sit in the non-smoking area, and if it is possible, by the window, please.
Waiter: Sure. Please, follow me. Is this table okay?
Yuriko: Yes, that’s fine.
Waiter: Would you like to see the menu?
Yuriko: Yes, thank you. I’ll start with vegetable soup. What about you, Jenny?
Jenny: I would like to try the tomato soup.
Waiter: One vegetable soup and one tomato soup. What would you like for your main meal?
Jenny: I’ll have the roast chicken with fried potatoes, please.
Yuriko: I’ll have the salmon with mixed vegetables, please.
Waiter: What would you like to drink?
Jenny: We’d like a bottle of champagne.
Waiter: Would you like a salad?
Jenny: Yes, we would like to have a mixed green salad with Italian dressing.
Waiter: Anything else?
Jenny: No, thank you. That’s all.
Waiter: Thank you for your order. It won’t take long.

Useful Words & Useful Sentences

reserve / book
: I would like to reserve / book a table for five people on Friday evening at 7:00.
: You need to reserve / book a taxi to the airport.

レストランでデザートを注文する時の英会話6: Ordering dessert 

Waiter: What would you like for dessert?
Yuriko: I think I’ll try the cheesecake.
Jenny: I would like to try the apple pie, please.
Waiter: What would you like to drink?
Jenny: Coffee, please.
Yuriko: Same for me, and could we have the bill, please? 
Waiter: Certainly.

Useful Words & Useful Sentences

: I am afraid all the tables are already booked.
: They have booked a band to play at their wedding.

: Have you paid the gas bill yet?
: The bill for the repairs came to $125.

トラベル英会話: 遺失物を探す07: At a lost property office

Clerk: Good morning, madam. May I help you?
Yuriko: Yes, please. I left my cell phone on the train to downtown this morning.
Clerk: What time did you get on the train?
Yuriko: I got on the train at 8:30.
Clerk: Do you remember your seat number?
Yuriko: I think it was 22D.
Clerk: Can you describe your cellular phone?
Yuriko: It is a red iPhone with a green leather case.
Clerk: Could you please fill in this form?
Yuriko: Okay. Here you are.
Clerk: Thank you. I’ll contact the downtown office right now. Could you please wait for a moment?
Yuriko: Okay. Thank you.
Clerk: It’s your lucky day! Your phone is being held in the lost and found office at the downtown station. Please go there to collect it.
Yuriko: Thank you so much for your help!
Clerk: You are welcome!

Useful Words & Useful Sentences

: I must go back; I’ve left my car keys on my desk.
: The manager has left a memo for you.

: I have lost my new CD.
: She lost her balance and fell off the chair.

トラベル英会話: 医者に行く08: Visiting a doctor

Yuriko: Good afternoon.
Dr: Good afternoon. Please, take a seat. How can I help you?
Yuriko: I have a terrible headache and a running nose.
Dr: How long have you had it?
Yuriko: It started yesterday.
Dr: Do you have a sore throat, too?
Yuriko: Yes, but it isn’t so strong.
Dr: Let me take your temperature. You have a fever, too. I think it is the flu. I’ll give you some medicine to help your condition. Take two tablets after breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Make sure you get plenty of rest.
Yuriko: OK. Thanks a lot.

Useful Words & Useful Sentences

: The doctor injected the drug into my arm.
: This drug has to be injected.

: My wife hates injections.
: The drug has to be taken by injection.

トラベル英会話: デパートで買い物09: Shopping at a department store

Clerk: Good afternoon. May I help you?
Yuriko: Yes, please. I am looking for a woolen jumper.
Clerk: What size are you?
Yuriko: I usually take a small size.
Clerk: Please, follow me. The winter jumpers are on these racks. And what color would you like?
Yuriko: Orange.
Clerk: Here you are.
Yuriko: Can I try it on?
Clerk: Certainly. The fitting room is over there. How does it fit?
Yuriko: It is a bit tight. I need a bigger size.
Clerk: Here you are. This is a size medium. Please, try it on.
Yuriko: Thank you.
Clerk: How is it?
Yuriko: It is quite comfortable. How much is it?
Clerk: It’s $150.00.
Yuriko: I’ll take it.
Clerk: How would you like to pay?
Yuriko: I’d like to pay by credit card.
Clerk: That’s fine.

Useful Words & Useful Sentences

: The washing-machine shrank my jumper.
: Will this jumper shrink in the wash?

: Can you shorten the sleeves?
: You need to shorten the string.

トラベル英会話: 招待を受ける10: Accepting an invitation

Yuriko: Hello?
Jenny: Hello, is that Yuriko?
Yuriko: Yes.
Jenny: This is Jenny. How are you?
Yuriko: I’m fine, thanks. And you?
Jenny: I’m very well, thank you. Are you free on Saturday night?
Yuriko: Yes, I am.
Jenny: Would you like to come to my birthday party?
Yuriko: Thanks. I’d love to. What time should I arrive?
Jenny: Any time after 6:00 should be fine. Do you have my address?
Yuriko: No. I don’t think so.
Jenny: Do you have a pen and a piece of paper?
Yuriko: Yes.
Jenny: It’s 3A Landscape Rd, Takapuna.
Yuriko: Let me read that back to you. 3A Landscape Rd, Takapuna.
Jenny: That’s right.
Yuriko: I am looking forward to going to your party and thanks for inviting me.
Jenny: You are welcome. Bye.
Yuriko: Bye.

Useful Words & Useful Sentences

: We accepted her offer.
: He accepted responsibility for his mistake.

: She refused my offer.
: We refused his invitation.


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